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Issue 7 "Of the Week" featuring, The Roadster Shop

The Roadster Shop has been an industry mainstay for over 25 years in the chassis fabrication and turn key vehicle building market for street rods and muscle cars. By capturing the market with advances in design, engineering, and innovation, the Roadster Shop has continued its development of chassis and suspension products to the growing Muscle Car, pro-touring market. With full in-house design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide a customer with an industry leading chassis product that exceeds all expectations. Continued on-track real world testing and development ensures our customers receive a fully developed, proven product. Both our muscle car chassis and vehicle builds have earned the reputation of being equipped to compete with todays high end supercars in acceleration, skid pad, slalom, and braking tests.

Located within a 30,000 sq.ft dedicated facility, the Roadster Shop houses full chassis production, metal fabrication, vehicle construction, and paint and body department with downdraft spray booth. A full mechanical department is in place for assembly of turn key vehicle builds as well as customer vehicle servicing and component installations. The facility includes a 5,000 sq.ft, upscale retail showroom used to showcase an array of customer vehicles, product displays, and performance lifestyle items for sale.Our capabilities extend beyond chassis and suspension development. Complete, one-off vehicle builds are the heart of the Roadster Shop. With full in-house design, fabrication, paint, and assembly capabilities, we are equipped to tackle all aspects of vehicle builds. The Roadster Shop does not specialize in one specific style of car as the name might suggest. Rather, we have the expertise, knowledge, and design savvy to build top award winning cars across a broad range of genres. Capabilities range from the restoration of period correct vehicles to the creation of completely conceptual, one of a kind street machines. By gathering a team of specialized individuals under one roof, the Roadster Shop is able to provide a customer with a cutting edge vehicle at the highest levels of quality and performance. We believe form and function should work in tandem. One should not follow the other. We have as much passion for how a part or component works as how it looks. At the Roadster Shop our flexibility in design extends from 2-D graphics, sketching and ideation to full 3-d computer modelling of parts, concepts and vehicle renderings. We are able to take an idea from sketch and turn it into a fully functional part. An aptitude not limited to the automotive arena, but extending throughout the full range of product design, graphics and many other media. Having a full in-house design capability is essential to delivering not only what the customer wishes to see, but allows us to advance our own ideas and push forward independently with our own parts development and vehicle concepts. It gives us a unique ability to establish ourselves as a leader in design and performance, creating industry trends instead of following or reacting to them. Showing restraint where necessary yet fully able to push the limits of a concept.

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