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From Pro-Street to Pro-Touring and everything in between, If it's a Street Machine, It's here!

 We are all about “Fueling Your Passion”!

Street Machine Central was created to give Street Machiners and the people loving the Street Machine scene a place to reminisce and re-live the days when Pro-Street was King and to show how street machines have evolved into what they are today. From the days of the Street Machine Nationals to the current Street Machine of the Year, we have it all covered here!


Street Machines are my passion, and I wanted to create a website for people that love these cars, shops, builders, shows and this hobby as much as I do! Unfortunately, there aren’t as many magazines around as there used to be and people are looking for places to read the stories, look at the photos and videos as well as having access to all the vendors that they used to find in all the mags. With everything being so fast paced and go, go, go on the internet, I wanted to have something for people so they can just relax, take their time and enjoy all of the content without that feeling of being rushed and always on the move. I want this to be a special place for people to continuously visit and Fuel Their Passion!


 I’m a car guy, I’ve built some, bought some, won some awards and I have been into them since the 1980s.  I love the process of designing and building a car, whether it’s in your garage or at a pro shop. I really enjoy the photos of cars in all the different stages of the build, like the bare chassis, the car in all metal sitting on the ground to it being finished and ready for the cruise or show. I love going to the shows and seeing all the newest ideas, builds and processes people come up with to build the cars of their dreams. I try to get to as many shows as I can and love photographing and taking video of all the rides at the shows. One of the coolest things is getting to meet new people and hear about their car and having that connection and building that friendship with them. It’s the cars that bring the people together. If you see me at a show, stop and say HI, I’d love to meet you and hear about your Street Machine!


You will find a lot of different cars here as I love all cars, no matter the badge or emblem on the fender. A cool car is a cool car…. I do love all of the high dollar builds and do show them on the site but don’t think that’s all I’m about, I love the homebuilt cars just as much, if not more! I love hearing the stories and seeing the pride someone has in the Street Machine that they created!

I am also not a huge fan of trends, I am more into the car owner building what they want, what sets their soul on fire, not whether it’s “popular” or not with everyone else. The real awards are the memories, friendships and fun we have with our cars and the people we meet along the way.


I hope you enjoy the website and all it has to offer! I am always looking to make it better and become the go to place for all of you to “Fuel Your Passion”!


See you at the shows!


Michael Scheuren


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