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From Your Garage #6 Featuring JJ Sonday's Cuda!

Paul Sonday Sr purchased his 1974 Plymouth 'Cuda on November 19th, 1973 at the age of 19 for an out-the-door price of $4500 cash. Over the next 8-10 years, Paul would slowly (and as money permitted) transform his 'Cuda into his vision of a Street Machine of the Era. The car's drivetrain consists of the following: 340 Six Pack setup, with Paul purchasing the block and heads out of a wrecked AAR 'Cuda in the late 70's for a mere $50; 727 auto transmission, beefed up by Sepanak Racing Transmissions; and a set of 4:11 gears inside of an 8 and 3/4 rear housing. The front and rear seats, gutted from another parted-out 1970 'Cuda decades ago, were refinished in naugahyde with a diamond tuck and black piping. A blue velour headliner and blue fur on the car's rear deck were signs of the times. A set of Cragar SS mag wheels surrounded by Pro Trac rubber were added in 1977. The tires have since been replaced due to age with a period-correct set of Mickey Thompsons. In very early 1980's, the air shocks and Lakewood traction bars were replaced with a spring re-arc and a set of coilover shocks. The Cuda's legendary paint work arguably takes the cake. In the summer of 1981, Paul asked legendary metal flake master artist Hank Z for a one-off paint job. After a few weeks, the paint work was completed. Nitrocellulos paints, Alpha jewel flake, and alaphatic urethane would compose the car's exterior. Diamond dust white pearl combinations would be applied to the Cuda's rear wing, vinyl top, and interior pieces; including all door panels and trim pieces. None of the paint work has been buffed, recleared, or wet sanded since its application over 42 years ago! Custom switches and guages added by Paul would seal the deal for his 'Cuda. With just under 38k miles on the clock, the car has been cared for meticulously for over 50 years; but still slightly driven. It is a true original-owner, rust-free, unrestored, 70's Street Machine survivor from the Northeast. Some of the original factory components the car retains to this day include but are not limited to the following: all exterior panels, all glass, front and rear bumpers, headlights, tail lights, lower fog lamps, exterior trim pieces, vinyl top, windshield wiper arms AND blades (having NEVER been engaged), carpet, dashboard, steering wheel, and more. Paul's 'Cuda is an extremely rare example of a pristine Street Machine survivor; nonetheless in the Northeast. It has been featured in several periodicals all over the world. A time capsule, a relic, a magic mirror to arguably the greatest custom car era of all time. A lasting legacy to days long gone.

Best regards,

JJ Sonday 

Thank you JJ for the awesome photos and history of this great Street Machine! What an amazing time capsule of how things were back in the day!! If you'd like your car and your stories with it posted on the blog, please send all your photos and stories to me at:

Thanks for reading and admiring! Be sure to check out all the photos below!

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