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RestoMods or Pro Touring: Is there really a difference between the two of them?

Alright Street Machine fans, in your opinion, what's the difference between a RestoMod and a Pro Touring car? A lot of people seem to think they are 2 distinctly different types of builds but what really sets them apart from each other? "RestoMods" are considered, by many, to be part restoration and part modification and more street oriented while "Pro Touring"cars are more road race or autocross capable as their priority with the ability to be driven on the street. Now I'm sure people will have their own opinions but, What's the difference? When you go to the shows, both types of cars are built almost identically. Both have stock or modified body panels, Suspension, wheel/tire and brake upgrades along with updated or modern engine and transmission swaps. All have upgraded interiors with aftermarket gauges, A/C and stereos along with power windows etc. Most have new paint and engine compartment panels etc. unless it's a "Survivor Series" type build with original paint and updated, more modern mechanical features.

Some people might say , "Yeah, but my car has Forgeline wheels, 1,000+ H.P. with a rollcage, (insert your favorite "Pro Touring" chassis here) et. etc. etc.

While that may all be true, how many other cars do you see with the same, or very similar, features bur are considered "RestoMods"? Now I get a lot pf people get caught up in the names and try to set themselves apart-which is what Hot Rodding is all about - BUT, what's the difference between the 2 styles? Most builds feature engines and transmissions of the "Crate" variety - LT4 with a 6spd manual or auto (Connect and cruise from GM) A new Coyote from Ford or a new HEMI from Dodge. All have disc brakes, aftermarket or custom built chassis and suspension components along with larger than stock wheels and tires and the list goes on.... Every system and it's components have been upgraded for more performance and reliability, which equals more fun and usability out of your Street Machine!

I understand the Pro Touring cars and trucks are more used, designed and built for road racing and autocross but with all the aftermarket chassis and suspension products available, what's the difference between a Pro Touring chassis and a RestoMod chassis? Suspension geometry? Shocks and Springs? Swaybars? Brake rotor diameter and material used? Stripped down interiors with no creature comforts? Is that really a "Touring" car?

I am not in any way picking on the Pro Touring cars as I love ALL cars and trucks no matter what style or name they are built under! Just feeling the line between the two styles is just a bit blurred because of all the great parts available and cars being built that do both things very well!

Some people could say that full on Pro Touring cars are mostly built for racing but then why aren't they called something else, like a RACECAR?

Is a Pro Touring car only a Ponycar? - A Camaro, Firebird, Mustang or Cuda and everything else is just a RestoMod?

Is the only difference between the two only the name you give it?

Is a car or truck that you can drive on the street for hundreds of miles at a time doing road tours to car shows (Hot Rod Power Tour, GoodGuys etc.), runs 10s in the 1/4, runs the autocross courses and pulls almost 1g on the skidpad with the A/C blowing and stereo playing a RestoMod or a Pro Touring Car?

Is "BIG RED" a Pro Touring car or a racecar? (By the way, I LOVE this car!)

What do you consider each of the following, Pro Touring or RestoMod and why do you consider it that?

And the biggest question of all: Does it really matter what it's labeled if it's your dream car and you are enjoying your experiences with it?!? For me, that's what it's all about! Building your dream and having fun with it!

Like I said earlier, I love ALL cars and trucks! I don't really care what they are labeled! A cool car is a cool car no matter the name or or emblem on it and that's one of the best things about our hobby! The diversity and choice to build whatever YOU like anyway YOU want to build it and being able to enjoy your Street Machine any way you want to! I'd love to hear and discuss your ideas and opinions on this and any other Street Machine topic! Feel free to email me at:!

P.S. You can also have your Street Machine featured on the blog! Just send your photos, info and story to:

Thanks for reading!


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