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Good Guys 31st Heartland Nationals

Better late than never! Here's the 31st Heartland Nationals from Des Moines, Iowa!

Friday was a little rainy but the rest of the weekend made up for it! Sunny and in the 80's, you couldn't ask for better car show weather! I estimate between 5,500 and 6,000 Hot Rods, Street Machines and Customs at the show! Great variety of vehicles to look at and if you didn't see them while walking around, there were tons of cars cruising the grounds!

Was able to meet some friends there and make some new friends at the show! The Good Guys Heartland Nationals in Des Moines is one of my favorite Fairgrounds and the people there are always friendly and easy to talk to! Like usual, I'll let you look at the photos instead of reading! Who want to read when there's cool cars to look at?!?!?

This Camaro was built by father and son in their garage! Love to see people building stuff like this at home! Great experiences they will remember forever!

Until next time....

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