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From Your Garage #7 Jeremy Culbertson's 1967 Nova!

This car has a little story.  This was my first car that my dad bought for me for Christmas back in 1992.   The car was rough no floor half the firewall was gone but I drove it that christmas morning with wood on the floor.  We spent 2 years redoing the car and in November of 1995 it was in an accident when a guy pulled out in front of me.   Well then life happened worked on car in early 2000s got body close had a child in 2003 bought a house in 2006 married in 2009 so car sat because the garage at new house was not up to par.  Finally around 2015 shell and some parts were moved to my house.  This car is the same color as first time but that's about it.  Second go around I was out to prove I was as good as my father.  My dad built a 57 chevy pro street that hit the show circuit in early 2000s late 90s and did very well in the indoor show circuit.  This car the second time was built in half of a two car garage was painted where it was built.  The car came out in 2020 to my father's show on labor Day.  Interior wasn't done but didn't think car should have been unveiled anywhere else.  Hit the indoor show circuit at a couple shows a year in 2021.  At the moment car is coming apart to fix a couple issues but hope to have back for indoor circuit this winter.  Hoping I have my father talked into getting his 57 back out so both can be at the same indoor show.  

1967 Chevy Ii (Part II)

383 sbc weiand 177 nos plate system 

Heidts front clip

9 inch rear 4 linked.

Air ride technology air ride

The pic with my car the turquoise 57 and blue camaro is my dad's 57 my older sister's camaro that was built by me and my dad for her 16th birthday.  This was his show in 2020 first time all 3 cars had been together

Finished car in 2022 when I (SMC) shot it at the Good Guys show in Columbus, Ohio

Special Thanks to Jeremy for sharing his KILLER Nova with us! Extra Kudos to him for doing it all in his garage, TWICE!! This is what Hot Rodding is all about! Having the time, patience and vision to keep his dream alive and picking away at it until it becomes a reality!

Want your car featured like Jeremy's is?? Feel free to reach out to me and let's get it going!!

Until next time,

Cruise on!!

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