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2022 Good Guys Summit Racing Nationals in Columbus, Ohio

Alright everyone, here's the 2022 GoodGuys Nationals coverage for you! I have been going to this show since 2002 and in my opinion, it's the best car show out there! You always see the best of the best cars at this show debuting for the Street Machine or Street Rod of the Year awards. There's about 7,000 Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Trucks and Customs at this show from all parts of the World. There's is definitely something for everyone at this show! This is the one car show I will not miss!

This year was Awesome! A little rainy on Friday but beautiful weather the rest of the weekend! The only thing concerning the weather was the Street Machine of the Year Autocross as they were only able to run one lap before it was shut down due to the track getting wet....

While we are on the subject of the Street Machine of the Year Award and the Autocross, I have a question. Aren't you required to finish the Autocross under your own power in order to be eligible for the award or to even be in the Top 5? If you were watching the Autocross you will know what I am talking about. One of the contenders Started to smoke/catch fire and was pushed across the finish line/ off the course and was still given a TOP 5 Award! In years past if you overheated or couldn't run all the laps you were disqualified from the award. Didn't matter if it was one lap or three, you had to run and complete the lap(s). Now, I don't have a dog in the fight but I am sure there were a lot of people questioning how that was allowed to happen!?!? There were plenty of other cars that finished their lap and could have been considered to be in that TOP 5 spot instead. Also if the Autocross doesn't mean that much for the award then why make them run it? I heard someone say they have to prove they can run drive and stop but they do that when they are driven to their parking spot from the trailer. The Street Rods don't have to prove anything like that to be considered for their award. I don't know why they can't pick 7-10 cars and drive them on the street like they used to? They could judge the cars on the build, quality etc. when parked in the lot and rank/score them 1-10. Then they could drive them and judge the drivability, braking, acceleration, overheating, comfort etc. and rank them 1-10. If, for example car 4 overheats or has some sort of malfunction, they are DQ'd and everyone else moves up 1 spot (so car 5 becomes 4 and car 6 becomes 5). Then you take the 2 scores and add them together, The best score is the winning car and on down the line. Could still have the TOP 5 awards etc. Now some will say it would take a lot of time but you could still do all of it on Friday. Have all cars in judging area by 11. Have them ranked 1-10 and then at 5, or after the show closes for the day, take them out for a 10-20 mile cruise to judge the second round. Would still have the TOP 5 and winner picked before Saturday.... Additionally, it is called the STREET Machine of the Year award and it would allow other types of builds to compete instead of autocross/road race built cars. Just a thought.....

Now, if you don't care about the trophies and awards, this is still one of the greatest shows in America! Tons of cars that are driven to the show and people doing what's most important, HAVING FUN and creating memories with their cars. Those are the real trophies in this hobby, friendships made, fun being had and living your dream with your car! I have had the opportunity to make several great friends because of our shared love for cars and I wouldn't replace that or them for anything! Until next time, enjoy the photos!

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