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The 2022 Street Machine Nationals from DuQuoin

Well, the 2022 Street Machine Nationals are in the books and what a SHOW! Great car turnout and the weather was typical SMN weather, HOT (for me anyway)! Tons of Pro Street cars and trucks as well as your share of originally restored cars and modified Street machines. It was great meeting Wendy and talking to her about her Cuda as well as Meeting Wally and his Daytona! There were crowds around their cars all weekend long! Make sure you check out the Street Machine Current gallery for more photos from the event. Will also post some in the Back in the Day gallery as well in the near future.

This was my first trip back to the SMN since 2013 when they brought it back to DuQuoin and it was great to see everyone out and enjoying the show! One thing that I love about the Pro Street era is the custom paint on the cars with wild graphics! I have been so tired of seeing all the shades of gray that's the current trend and it's refreshing to see some bold, bright colors on the cars again! It doesn't have to even be a candy or pearl paint, just the use of great colors and graphics to break things up and be different. Isn't that what it's all about? Building something the way you want and standing out from the crowd?!?!

Alright, off my soapbox for now. I apologize for this being short but figured you'd rather look at pics from the show than read what I write.... It was a GREAT weekend and meeting new people and talking about their cars is the greatest part of going to the shows. After all, it's the cars that bring the people together!

Until next time.....

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