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Ridler Great 8 and WINNER!

Alright everyone, the Detroit Autorama for 2022 is in the books! Had a few great Street Machines in the Great 8 and competing for the Ridler Award! Without further delay, Here are the Great 8 finalists for the Ridler Award!

I figured the Ridler Award would come down to Three vehicles. The Green Cuda, The Studebaker Truck or the '31 Chevrolet. After looking at all of them for a while, I came to a few conclusions.

  1. The Culda is a phenomenal car and probaby the cleanest build of all 8 but, I don't think it has the WOW factor for an indoor show. Don't get me wrong, I think it's Top of the list in every category quality wise and the cleanest looking car of the bunch, but I feel that for an indoor show, it didn't set itself apart from the rest of the cars competing for the award.

2. I loved the Studebaker truck! I know I might be in the minority on liking this one but it's different and more over the top than the Cuda. I think the things that I think held the truck back are the lack of lighting in the engine bay and lighting in general, and the lack of showing any chassis or underside modifications with mirrors underneath it. Should have been on stands showing off the underside of the truck as well.

3. I thought the '31 Chevrolet was the most over the top, wildest car of the show! At the indoor shows, I feel the wildest looking car has a leg up on the rest. I know a lot of people don't like the car for whatever reason, but for me, It was the wildest, most modified looking car at the show. Now I know the Ridler Award is about a lot more than just building the wildest most outrageous car, quality and precision are Judged beyond compare and the finest details are what sets the winner apart from the rest. This car had the wildest body mods, paint, engine, chassis and display of any car at the show competing for the Ridler this year.

Congratulations to Rick and Patty Bird and to Pro Comp Customs for winning the 2022 Ridler Award and to everyone that made the Great 8 as a finalist!!

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