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"OTW" #13 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Alright everyone, for this weeks post I kinda wanted to reflect and be thankful for everyone that I have become friends with through our common love for cars. People like Scott Sullivan, Mark Grimes, Troy Trepanier, Matt and Debbie Hay, Rick Dobbertin, Rod Saboury, Tim Strange, Kyle Tucker, Todd Clark and so many others! If it wasn't for our love for Street Machines and going to car shows and meeting all the exceptional people I have been lucky to meet and become friends with, this site would have never happened.

Cars are my passion! Most people in my area are into hunting and fishing, going camping and things like that, that's just not my thing. Nothing against those sports or hobbies at all. I love being out in the woods and seeing nature at its finest and being a part of it all but when summer comes along, there's no place I'd rather be than at a car show with everyone else looking at the cars and meeting people. The summer/car show season is very short where I live so I want to take full advantage of getting to every car show I can! I normally try to get to a couple National events a year that are within driving distance for me and the Good Guys show in Columbus is a must see for me every year. That show brings out the best of the best Street Machines and Street Rods every year for their "Of The Year" Awards and it's the one show I will not miss!

I know this is short but I just wanted to say a Heartfelt THANK YOU! to everyone that has become my friend, follower, visitor and fellow car lover! It's our love of cars that brings us all together! I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!


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