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NSRA Street Rod Nationals Day One

Day one(Thursday) of the NSRA Street Rod Nationals is in. It's been 20 years since I have been to this show. Just about everything is different from what I remember it being in 2001! Being Thursday, I wasn't expecting there to be many cars at the show, BOY was I wrong!! I figured there were about 10,000+ cars at the show today! I am expecting there to be more on Friday and Saturday as well. It was very nice weather wise at the show, around 90 degrees and sunny, can't ask for much better weather than that! Supposed to get warmer as the weekend goes on so, If you plan on attending, bring some sunscreen!

One thing that has not surprised me though is the quality of the cars at the show! A lot of high dollar builds there already! A lot of show goers drive their cars to the show and the quality of those cars is outstanding! Quite a few cars for sale as well at some seemingly good deals! Might just have a new Street Machine to put in my garage after the weekend! I know they have been allowing more modern cars into the show for a few years now and there's no shortage of Street Machines at the show! The 50s, 60s, and 70s are being represented well this weekend! Some really cool Pro Street cars here as well as Pro Touring and some really great cruisers! Hope you enjoy today's post! Check back tomorrow for day 2!!!

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