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Day One, Good Guys Columbus 2021

Hey everyone! Day one of the Good Guys show in Columbus is in the books. What started out as a rainy morning turned into a fairly nice day today! One of the first people I ran into was Scott Sullivan with his 54 Chevy looking as good as ever!

We took a walk inside Kasich Hall to get out of the rain and see what was inside. I was surprised to see that the building was a little over half full of cars. This was not the vendor building (the Bricker building), but the building next to where the Street Machine of the Year competitors were to park by 10:00 am. I never got back there the rest of the day to see if the building filled up more than what it was , but will be checking it out tomorrow for sure! At first, there weren't many cars in the parking areas for Street Machine and Street Rod of the Year competitions, mostly because of the rain. But there ended up being about 13 cars in the competition for Street Machine of the Year and about 18 for Street Rod. I will update the list once they narrow it down to the top 5. As the day went on, the parking lots really started to fill up! One of the days highlights today, was seeing Rod & Tina Saboury pull in with their "Split Second" 63 Corvette! You have to see this car in person if you get the chance, it is a work of art!

Jason Graham is also here with his Galaxie, man, that car is very nice! Pics do not do it justice!

There was also some very nice Pro Street cars at the show today as well. Hoping more will show up tomorrow!

I thought there was a pretty cool variety of cars at the show today and am hoping tomorrow brings some nice weather and more Street Machines out to play!

I know it's not a very long post today but wanted to update everyone on one of the best car shows in the Country. Man, it feels GREAT to get back out to a car show!!

Until next time....

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