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Day 2 in Columbus, Top 5 and Street Machine of the Year!

Back again everyone! Day 2 in Columbus did not disappoint! A beautiful day weather wise and cars everywhere! Great turnout, although less than what I had expected for some awards, but all in all,a great day at the show! Here are the top 5 for Street Machine of the Year!

I thought the field was a little light as I expected to see many more cars competing for the award, especially for not being in Columbus for 2 years and with the pandemic last year keeping a lot of people at home. Anyway, that shoudn't take away from those that did compete for the award this year! They are all GREAT cars and I am happy I wasn't a judge to pick which one was the best of them!

Here's the winner of the 2021 Good Guys Street Machine of the Year. Chad Farischon from Arcadia, Oklahoma with this '69 Camaro! Built by Mountain Home Street Rods featuring a Mercury Racing engine based on a ls 427 and a ton of other cool details, which I will have for tomorrow's post! Just wanted to get the info out there on who the top 5 were and the SMOTY Winner for this year!

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