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Strike another huge win for the Roadster Shop. Alex Covington’s “Innovator” 1967 Nova, a radical, forward-thinking millennial take on an old world classic broke through in 2011 giving the Gerber family their second SMOY victory as builders. What made Innovator so special was the insane attention to detail; the handmade futuristic grille insert, headlight and taillight bezels, hood vents, side view mirrors, along with all of the finite, signature touches one only sees upon a sustained gaze. The top was chopped slightly, the fenders and wheel openings were reshaped while the rocker panels were extended all around. White, a daring color at the time, was pulled off with aplomb. Innovator holds the distinction of being the first white SMOY winner. Those center lock wheels (A Roadster Shop theme) were designed by Eric Brockmeyer while the Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis featured a trick rear suspension with Watts linkage. The hot yellow Baer brakes added a sophisticated, racy Euro feel. As you might imagine, it handled like a sports car. Innovator’s 700hp LS-X engine, handmade engine bay, and the incredibly futuristic interior with LED illumination pushed this one over the top!

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