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Score another SMOY victory for first-gen Camaros. This time around, Iowa horsepower maven and Ridler-winning builder Roger Burman teamed with South Dakotan’s Dave and Karen Leisinger on a radical redesign of a ’67 Camaro. The idea was to blend elements from Camaro’s flagship model with a 2010 model and let Burman figure out the how and why. He succeeded! Grafting a 2010 Camaro roof skin was the signature mod but more subtle refinements included a two-inch wheelbase stretch, raised rear quarters and aggressive fender flares. The hugger orange paint made this one loud and proud to say the least. Under the carbon hood was a naturally aspirated 600hp LS-X V8 good for stump-pulling and AutoCross straights. Detroit Speed suspension fore and aft, Boze 18 and 20-inch wheels stabilized the car they named “Scar”. The orange accents were continued in this one’s cabin with vitamin C stitching used on the black leather buckets. Scar was the successor of the couple’s Grumpy Jenkins tribute car (also a ’67) and the predecessor of a ’71 Camaro named “Professor”, also built by Burman, which took home our 2012 Muscle Machine of the Year crown. One thing they all had in common? Brute power and nimble feet.

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