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Prior to building Erv Woller’s ’69 “Razor” Camaro, the Ring Brothers primarily focused on a steady string of Mustangs. Razor gave the Ring’s back to back Street Machine of the Year titles and continued their momentum towards the top of the Pro-Touring scene. Basically, Woller wanted a car built around one of GM’s elusive, all-aluminum Ram Jet ZL1 engines which he had secured through a friend. He chose the Ring Brothers when the original builder he had earmarked never returned his call. And build it they did. Body mods were subtle yet noticeable including the carbon-fiber hood and decklid, drip rail delete, rocker panel extensions, and reinterpreted front end. Coated in various tones of grey and silver with orange accents, Razor retained its classic Camaro lines yet looked ultra-modern but not overdone. When it came to underpinnings, DSE supplied the front subframe, control arms and coilovers while Baer Brakes, 18 and 19-inch Budnik wheels and Goodyear rubber gave Erv all the grip he needed in the now-mandatory AutoCross hot laps. It’s worth noting Erv drove the car himself on track – a chore other winners have “farmed out” over the years.

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