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Chicayne raised the bar to untold new heights and is still revered today as one of the greatest Street Machines of all time. The arresting Olive green hues covering its smoothed out body, the slammed stance featuring hand crafted one off tubular A-Arms, dropped spindles along with RideTech “Shockwave” shocks and springs as well as the monster motor enabled it to lay over the field. As with all Rad Rides builds, every detail was refined and elite. Take the engine bay which housed the outrageous twin-turbo 1200hp small block Chevy; every nut, bolt and handmade panel was artfully constructed. Hidden wires, perfect paint – it was a masterpiece. It even featured a Buffalo suede interior by Jim Griffin. The colors, the stance, the details and 1,200 ponies established Chicayne as a breed apart.

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