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When you pump oil for a living, you have wells that produce and some that don’t. When Pennsylvania oil man Gary Bowers tapped into the Ring Brothers to build a bad ass ’65 Mustang – you could say it “produced” and then some. Not only did it deliver big thrills on the road, it produced the third SMOY title in five years for the Ring’s as builders. Of those three winners, “Producer” was the most sinister of ‘em all. It blended agility and brute horsepower wrapped neatly in a widebody, carbon fiber-adorned package. Under the hood was a high compression Keith Craft-built 427c.i. stroker based on the 351 Windsor small block good for 740hp. The carbon roof skin and hood shaved curb weight while the Morrison chassis, Forgeline center lock wheels and Michelin Pilot sports supplied ample AutoCross grip. Mustangs are inherently narrow cars so Producer was literally split down then middle to widen it yet preserve the critical lines. That proved to be a pivotal moment in Ring Brothers lineage. Every other Mustang to roll out of their shop after this one was widened.

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